Beautiful Butterfly Hairclip

Shopwindow downtown in Salzburg, Austria
Shopwindow downtown in Salzburg, Austria

Today I randomly searched on my phone gallery which photos I’ve taken on this day in 2019. One of them was this shopwindow in Salzburg, Austria, where I found this butterfly hairclip so, so beautiful:

It wasn’t even that expensive (15 €) but during this time I was on a hardcore minimalism journey AND I had no money so there was no way that buying this hair clip was a good idea.

When I get back to Salzburg one day I might look at the window again, too. Maybe I’ll find something like this again.

I don’t remember the name of the shop but it was near the Mirabellplatz.

When I googled “butterfly hairclip” to look up if it’s written with a “-” inbetween (lol) I found this video of an African butterfly hairclip which is very beautiful, too. By the end of the year I might have long enough hair again to use one like this:

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