Tila Tequila Livestreams Manic Episode After Being Criticised On Musical Skills

The picture is a screenshot from Tila Tequila's video "Screenshot: (c) Tila Tequila's manic rant (THIS IS THE REASON WHY THE PLAGUES CAME!!! I FOUND IT!)" which shows her with wide opened mouth
Screenshot: (c) Tila Tequila’s manic rant in her video called “THIS IS THE REASON WHY THE PLAGUES CAME!!! I FOUND IT!”


Approximately six hours after publishing the post “Tila Tequila lied about using thousands of dollars of donations to create a Gospel Album” she appeared manically screaming in a disturbing Youtube video.

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The lies of Tila Tequila

The picture shows Tila Tequila in 2020
(c) Tila Tequila 2020

In am currently studying narcissism. People who suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder have a craving for admiration which they tend to satisfy with lies and manipulation. As a narcissist Tila Tequila , a former model, reality tv-starlet, musician, and adult-movie-actress, seemed to have lied throughout her whole career and many journalists already attempted to document her behaviour.

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