A Person Should Have One Thing They Can Do With Confidence.

… is a quote from a documentary by the team of “Beautiful Kyoto” called “Being A Maiko (featuring Fukunae-san)“.

The Title “Being A Maiko”

… means being a “Geisha Apprentice”: Women train up to five years to become entertainers. They entertain with their looks, their musical abilities and by having intellectual conversations. Erotism is none of the fields they practise.

An Algorithm

… on Youtube suggested the video mentioned above:

As many other commenters I enjoyed the asthetics of the documentary as well as the diligence of stunning Ms. Fukunae-san.

For many Western Women

… nowadays, in the times we are more able to focus on education and independence, being or becoming a servant, respectively an entertainer, isn’t a desirable goal. Therefore the short movie shouldn’t be too relevant.

But the comments below the video prove otherwise.

I believe the reason for this is that the producers visualized something very well: Determination and the grace that comes with it.

“If you decide you want to become something, you have to take the plunge and go straight for it. A person should have one thing they can do with confidence.”

(Quote from Fukunae-san in “Being A Maiko (featuring Fukunae-san at 5:07 minutes)

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