Does Thomas Paxton Whitaker pay Tila Tequila aka Tornado Thien child support?

One of the videos Tila Tequila (c) has on her youtube channel(


Recently my friend Thomas Paxton Whitaker and I talked about the relationship between his youngest daughter (5) and her mother, whom he separated with a few years ago and this is a part of what he told me:

Everything goes out to 127 k Youtube Followers

Thien, Thomas’ ex-girlfriend and mother of his youngest daughter, was former reality TV personality Tila Tequila who revived and renamed her Youtube Channel with 127 k followers under her new artist’s name “Tornado Thien” last year. On her channel she talks about everything and told her viewers multiple times that Thomas was an “idiot”, a “deadbeat” and also claimed that he never paid her child support.

On her channel she refers to Thomas as “WhatsHisFace”.

Tila Tequila’s comment about her “enemies” not paying child support and going to jail for it

Does Thomas Paxton Whitaker pay Child Support?

I was told by Thomas that when Thomas and Thien were in court over a custody mediation earlier this year Thien told the judge not what she said in some of her videos and comments, but on the contrary that he indeed paid her child support in the past, in particular 150 USD per week, which is more than he is supposed to pay.

Thomas was very surprised, to say the least, and also asked the judge back then to protocol Thien’s statement about Thomas paying her 150 USD per week for child support.

At the moment Thien regularly gets 80 or 90 USD per week directly from Thomas’ paycheck.

Going to jail for not paying child support?

he is also sure that you don’t go to jail if you don’t pay child support in Texas (where Thien lives) or Georgia (where Thomas lives).

On the community page of Thien’s Youtube Channel (click here to directly visit) she now rants about bringing her “enemies” to jail and makes a connection to them not paying child support:

Tila Tequila’s comment about her “enemies” not paying child support and going to jail for it / (c) Thien Than Thi Nguyen aka Tila Tequila

I reached out to Thien for a statement.*

I have the permission from Thomas to blog about this topic and only use the content that Tila Tequila puts online publicly herself. I will not publish the names of their daughter.

*added on December 7th 2019:

Thien never answered my mail but after four days she published a video titled “WHATSHISFACE ABOUT TO GET A TAX LIEN LMAO!” slandering Thomas and other people. In the comments she referred to Thomas’ T-Shirt shop which was only mentioned in our podcast so it’s possible Thien listened to the whole 1-hour-video.

Have you ever been to court for a custody battle? What’s your experience with child support? Let me know in the comments below 👇🏻

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