Elderly Care and the „Average Caregiver“

The photo shows a person in a wheelchair and a caregiver
Elderly Care

Elderly care, or simply eldercare (also known in parts of the English speaking world as aged care), is the fulfillment of the special needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens. [1]

The „average Caregiver“

The majority of caregivers are women. The Family Caregiver Alliance estimates, that 59 % to 75 % of caregivers are women, the average age is 46, female, married, worked outside home while earning an annual income of $ 35,000. Women spend 50 % more time providing care than men.

The National Academics report, that 15 % of the caregivers are between 20 and 44 years old. [3]

When does Elderly Care begin?

It is individual to every senior citizen, when they need help in their every day life. Signs may be that the person gets lost several times, and the family starts to look after the family member more often. Some senior citizen begin to get support after the diagnosis of a certain health problem like diabetes, alzheimers or cancer. Some senior citizen get support, when they lose weight or stay at home more often. [2]

What does Elderly Care include?

Every senior citizen is individual and therefore it is not possible to give a general answer to this questions. Some 70-year-old people don’t need support at all [yet], some get support with nourishment and some might get help in cleaning their house. Some people might need individual medical support and / or in their daily personal hygiene. Some senior citizens might need a 24-hour-support.

It is possible to experience home care, care as in assisted living and care as given in nursing homes and hospices.

Since the lifespan expectancy increases steadily, it is very important to plan one’s evening of life ahead as good as possible, to avoid spending the last years in a governmental institution with minimalistic and cost reduced support.


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