The Goddess of Blogging: Xiaxue

Kristina Kral (c) Xiaxue
Xiaxue in 2015 (c) Wendy Cheng



Have you ever heard of Xiaxue?

Who is Xiaxue?

Xiaxue is the Chinese nickname of 1984 born Singaporean blogger Wendy Cheng. It means “snowing”.

Wendy has been a full-time blogger since 2005. Till this day her blog is still online at At her blog’s peak 40,000 people visited it per dayThat’s 1,200,000 people per month! For comparison: The NY Times has 20 million visitors per month in 2017 and is one of the 200 most popular websites worldwide

Kristina Kral (c) Xiaxue
Xiaxue in 2015 (c) Wendy Cheng

That’s why people also call Xiaxue an influencer and it is justified.

I once read that she herself said about her blog that it’s “abandoned” by now. Her archive shows that she blogs less and less frequently every year.

Some diary-like blog posts appear on her but I don’t understand why she switched to an extern and amongst others more difficultly monetizable platform like Dayre, especially when she has established a blog project of twelve years. It’s even the form of blogging she started with in 2003.

On Youtube Wendy also publishes videos of her son Dash:

Even if I had the personality to create content on other platforms, e. g. videos on youtube, I’d still focus on my website of which I have absolute power of control; on platforms like youtube or twitter not the content creator has full power, but the other people and their employees; if there’s toxic group dynamics or the employee is overchallenged your content you spent so much time on is gone. I’d never abandon my own website.

Kristina Kral Xiaxue (c) Wendy Cheng
Xiaxue (c) Wendy Cheng

A Personal Brand As An „Asset“

Personal comment in 2018: In my opinion the example of Xiaxue’s blog shows how much of a valuable „asset“ a personal brand like „Xiaxue“ can be in combination with an outgoing / extrovert personality of the creater who uses a medium focusing on written content. Imagine how many viewers her blog had by now if it wasn’t abandoned for a few years and how easy it would be to keep this source of income alive; imo content like videos are much more effort than writing a blog where you can outsource your work for a limited amount of time, can personally withdraw from everything and then go back at it when you have the muse or time again… Without anyone even noticing.

2015: Xiaxue Obtains Court Order Against Gushcloud

In 2015 Xiaxue published the Gushcloud Exposé which revealed that the influencer who belong to Gushcloud were artificially increasing their amount of fans. In the same year Xiaxue she obtained a court order against the company Facebook page SMRT Ltd which is behind it to not be allowed to write about her; previously her private address was leaked and her family members and herself were harrassed online.

Xiaxue Facts

1. Xiaxue’s Height

Xiaxue is short. She says on her blog’s FAQ, she weighs around 38 kg (that’s like my left leg) and keeps her height a secret.

2. Xiaxue’s Husband

Xiaxue is married to Mike, an American engineer, whom she met on the internet.

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3. Xiaxue’s Son

They have a son, Dashiel or short “Dash”, who was born in 2013.

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We are in a freaking helicopter! 🚁🚁🚁 Never thought the day will come where I will have a chance to be in a chopper with my puffball 😱 @dreamcruiseline asked what I wanted to do when we disembark in KL and I got so freaking excited when I saw that a helicopter ride was one of the options. I mean, can you imagine what a dream it is for little boys whose books and cartoons are filled with helicopters and moreover IT SPINS!! 😂 I guess the little girl equivalent is probably dressing up as a Disney princess and riding a pony 😄 ⠀ I immediately asked if it’s ok for children and they said yes so I was like OMG OMG and immediately went to tell Dash. First thing he said was that he wanted to bring his pillow on the helicopter 🙄 #pillowaddict and so my mom, my helper Ellen, Dash, the Stinky Pillow and I all went on a short little 6 min ride to have a bird’s eye view of Kuala Lumpur! 6 mins may seem very short but helicopters give me motion sickness so eh 6 mins good enough 😅 Last thing I want is for Dash to puke onboard hahaha… anyway Dash looked damn petrified the entire time but for 2 weeks after the cruise ended he asked to look at my Dream Cruise/helicopter ig stories (on highlights) EVERY SINGLE DAY. 😵 He is very smart if I don’t wanna show him he will go ask any guest at my house to go to my ig page to show him also 🤣 And he kept asking to go back to the cruise nonstop tolong help me lah @dreamcruiseline can I go back on the cruise or not a 5 year old pestering you everyday is no joke ⠀ #helicopter #dreamcruise #gentingdream

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4. The Faces of Haters

Xiaxue gained major attention when she wrote a blogpost with the title “The Faces of Haters” in 2012, where she exposed them by republishing their public pictures and information in return of slandering her on social media.

5. The Faces of Haters part II

Yes, there’s a blogpost “The Faces of Haters part II“, lol.

6. The Goddess

In “The Faces of Haters part II” she wrote:

You attack 100 women and 99 of them might just brush it aside, but one astute one will realise she not only can fight back, she can make you sorry. 

And that’s why she’s THE GODDESS OF BLOGGING.

7. Language

In her videos there’s always her thick, Chinese accent. When I went to English classes we all tried to sound as American as possible and worked hard on making our accents disappear. Not so her. She even made a video on “Singlish”, the mix of the SINGaporean and EngLISH language:

8. Xiaxue is not afraid of Haters

Xiaxue has a series called “Xiaxue’s guide to life” and in her first episode she got a tattoo of a snowflake which she took from the instructions of a deep freezer.

9. Plastic Surgery

She underwent plastic surgery to improve her looks. I personally think that she looked perfectly fine before that.

10. Xiaxue made a video on how to look like ISIS fighters

In 2017 it became public that Isis fighters dressed as women to avoid being captured. Xiaxue made a make up tutorial about one of the men:

At the end…

… of the blogpost I realised how much I like Xiaxue as an artist. At first this post was titled “One of my favourite bloggers” but now I realised there’s no one above Xiaxue in that personal list of mine. The reason I wasn’t aware of that might be the controversy Xiaxue strikes, even in me.

Congratulations for staying authentical.

Being authentical is the most important asset in being a creative person.

What’s your favourite writer? Let me know in the comments below!

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