Going Platinum Blonde Again?

screenshot: @mathilde_bubblegummy on TikTok
screenshot: @mathilde_bubblegummy on TikTok

On TikTok I recently watched a female user called @mathilde_bubblegummy and I really liked her fair hair. I had my hair that long and fair a few years ago and it’s very time consuming and difficult to maintain it but it looks so pretty with fair skin and blue eyes.

I really think about going blonde again… once I have saved enough money and increased my income but that’s another story…

Tomorrow I have to speak with my sister because of work and me having to move for it and I don’t know if this is going well. It’s difficult.

At the moment I dream about moving to a certain place but there are many steps and aspects of my life that have to improve until this is realistic.

I need to continue working on my goals and make it possible.

After finishing the blog I will go downstairs and make semolina dumpling soup and a cucumber salad. Can’t wait!

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