I’m out.

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Hi guys, I’m going on a break. Please read on for a few more things.

First of all: Thank you.

I know that some of you are following me for over ten years now, accompanying and supporting me on the steps I take online and please be sure that I appreciate all of your feedback since it helps me grow.

DO NOT STOP to ever criticize me!

As you might know I am working on recycling old blog posts and projects of us in this blog here and I kind of wanted to follow the concept of showing up daily (ok, sometimes it’s the bot, haha!) for two years and then reevaluating everything and make a concept…

source: BloggingMentor.com


I have take a break now and leave the remaining 2,000 + texts and you alone until at least July 2020.

I am involved in many projects, situations and jobs while I am studying full time and I’m not able to keep up with everything while maintaining the quality standards I have.

It’s necessary to clear up situations regarding ownerships of domains and (shared) accounts, copyrights, projects of all kinds, blog posts, unclear ownerships of electronics, sim cards, keyword lists and it’s difficult to decide to let go of things and relationships.

My Degree must come first

I also want to finish my degree asap and I want to write for a real newspaper again.

I don’t know if I’m still on the right path, too, and if this blog and the other projects I’m involved in suit my upcoming qualification and (personal) developement.

Blog Statistics of KristinaKral.blog

These are the current numbers of KristinaKral.blog:

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KristinaKral.blog SEO

These are the SEO numbers of KristinaKral.blog:

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Linkbuilding in the making

I asked someone to build links for KristinaKral.blog while I’m gone so let’s see if this blog is still listed when I come back in July or if it’s gone because the link quality is so bad, lol.

I want to come back as soon as I’ve reached 60 ETCS points in my studies and that is going to be July 2020 if everything is working out like I planned.

Please wish me luck, this is so important to me.

I’m not going to check any profiles or mails but I’d appreciate to read your dear messages, new ideas and how you’ve been when I’m coming back in July 💛 Maybe you want to do some digital detox, too, and we’ll exchange our experiences in July? So don’t ever hesitate to message me when you feel like it.

Take care, leave some comments, do some investigation 😉 and to the German speaking readers: Gute Nacht, Nordlichter! đŸ’«

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