Bildschirmfoto: Lonelygirl15
Bildschirmfoto: Lonelygirl15


I was recommended the Youtube channel of Lonelygirl15. When I remember it correctly this 15-year-old character was staged by a 17-year-old actress when the first video was uploaded in 2006. The show lasted a few months until it became public that all of the videos were staged.



In 2006 Youtube only began to get popular and this „lifestyle“ and „reality“ format which is common and popular nowadays was just in the making.

Lonelygirl15’s videos (and the videos of another girl my age back then whose name I don’t remember) were the first ones I watched online.

Exactly ten years after her first video Lonelygirl15 posted a video again after a break of approximately eight years which sparked an outrage on the internet.

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