Showing Your Baby Online

stock photo: it's not necessary to show your child's face and other personal information online to be / stay a successful blogger
stock photo: it’s not necessary to show your child’s face on the internet to be / stay a successful blogger

Recently one of my favourite bloggers, Carly Riordan, gave birth and posted about the experience in her blog. Obviously I am very happy that they’re happy and healthy and it’s amazing to read about her experience because she’s able to express herself very well when it comes to sensitive topics.

On the other hand I do not understand why she published pictures of her child, their full name and exact birth date on the internet. In my opinion it is up to everyone themselves to chose what of their private data is going online and I do not understand why Carly would deprive her own child of that choice.

You can show situations by chosing pictures where the face of the child is hidden, chose a nickname instead of using their full name and talk about a certain month, season or year when it comes to referring to the time they were born to protect their privacy.

Maybe I’ll change my mind about that in the future, but I really want to know:

What’s your opinion on that topic?

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