The End Of The Internet: Tila Tequila Claims To Be God

(c) Tila Tequila screaming in one of her videos 2020
(c) Tila Tequila screaming in one of her videos 2020



People who have a narcissistic personality disorder usually display arrogance and a distorted sense of personal superiority, and seek to establish abusive power and control over others.

The Narcissist Thinks They are God

On Nov 14th 2020 Tila Tequila published a series of shorter videos on her Youtube channel. During the last three days she published around 45 (!) videos where she rambles, screams and … You know. Her usual manic and evil stuff.

One of the video is titled


Yes. All these caps, exclamation marks and the fire-emojis are from her… The said 3:11 minute video begins with the sentence

“Ok, so, now that we all know, that I’m the Lord…”

and a few seconds later she claims to be

“the rightful owner of the whole earth”.

Afterwards she tells a story about someone working at a parking lot where she was told that it’s private property. Instead of something like “Oh, sorry, my mistake” and driving off accordingly to her own words she screamed at the person that she was the owner of the “whole world” and that it’s not “private property” but “It is MY property”.



I mean. Even if it was her property it still would be private property but…


The picture is a screenshot from Tila Tequila's video "Screenshot: (c) Tila Tequila's manic rant (THIS IS THE REASON WHY THE PLAGUES CAME!!! I FOUND IT!)" which shows her with wide opened mouth
Screenshot: (c) Tila Tequila’s manic rant (THIS IS THE REASON WHY THE PLAGUES CAME!!! I FOUND IT!)

She basically earns nothing with these videos so it seems that it is another manic episode that shows her true, broken and angry self and proves once again that she has a narcissistic personality disorder. So, it fits that she now not only claims to be the “wife of Christ” like earlier this year but now she claims to be “The Lord” himself.

What on earth happened to this woman?!

40 Lies of Tila Tequila

And with linking this post in my article about The Lies Of Tila Tequila I decided to take a step back from observing narcissists for a while.

It’s very disturbing and frightening and I think I consumed too much information already about people who suffer and make others suffer from their narcissistic personality disorder.


Don’t watch this video if you’re not in a good mental state and / or highly sensitive to being yelled at.


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