The lies of Tila Tequila

The picture shows Tila Tequila in 2020
(c) Tila Tequila 2020

In am currently studying narcissism. People who suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder have a craving for admiration which they tend to satisfy with lies and manipulation. As a narcissist Tila Tequila , a former model, reality tv-starlet, musician, and adult-movie-actress, seemed to have lied throughout her whole career and many journalists already attempted to document her behaviour.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder & Patholocial Lying

As Tila’s first email to me began with the sentence “I don’t lie about anything I say.” when I confronted her with her false claims about Thomas Paxton Whitaker not paying child support I now made it a goal to list the lies of Tila Tequila that

  • I can find online,
  • that hurt other people
  • and / or make her feel or appear “better”.

Tila has made it clear that she doesn’t care how horrible the press she gets is, as long as she gets it.

Tila Truth Blog, 2010

As Tila Tequila seems to continue to lie, slander and hurt people for attention and satisfaction, this list may come in handy for people being affected.

Maybe it even helps Tila Tequila to realize and recover.

This blog was created to point out her lies and inconsistencies. If we wanted to point them all out, we’d need a staff the size of the New York Times, so we go with what we can.

Tila Truth Blog, 2010

Tila Tequila’s Lies – An Attempt To List All Of Them

This list is updated regularly.

# Lie Source
1 Tila Tequila lied about going on an internet break and came back the next day. 03/25/20
2 Tila Tequila lied about using thousands of dollars in donations to create a gospel album. 03/21/20
3 Tila Tequila lied about the number of visitors on her blog. 05/05/10
4 Tila Tequila lied about being the only one to write on her gossip blog. 05/04/10
5 Tila Tequila lied about producing music and managing other artists signed to her record label. 04/29/10
6 Tila Tequila lied about Thomas Paxton Whitaker having a warrant out for his arrest. 11/11/20
7 Tila Tequila lied about owning a private island. 12/10/09
8 Tila Tequila lied about being allergic to alcohol.
  1. 12/07/09
  2. 12/11/09
  3. 12/12/09
  4. 04/15/09
9 Tila Tequila lied about her name being Tila Nguyen and not Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen.
  1. 03/11/10
  2. 03/03/10
10 Tila Tequila lied about being a surrogate for her brother & his wife. 01/12/10
11 Tila Tequila lied about being not pregnant, then having a concussion, then losing her child, then being pregnant again. 05/01/10
12 Tila Tequila lied about having an original Celebrity Gossip Blog that would be bigger than Perez Hilton’s blog but then copied Perez Hilton’s work and abandoned it after a few months.  04/28/10
13 Tila tequila lied about being engaged to Casa Wilson.
  1. 04/12/10
  2. 04/11/10
14 Tila Tequila lied about adopting a child from Africa.  04/06/10
15 Tila Tequila lied about her baby’s father now being a soccer player and the baby is now a girl and not twins.  03/19/10
16  Tila Tequila lied about her baby’s father being a war hero.  03/18/10
17 Tila Tequila lied about being in London while being in Los Angeles. 03/13/10
18 Tila Tequila lied about never coming back to Twitter and two weeks later came back to Twitter. 03/11/10
19 Tila Tequila lied about being pregnant with twins.
20 Tila Tequila lied about having a Charity Organisation called “Jayden’s Angels” which she seeked donations for.
  1. 03/02/10
  2. 03/06/10
21 Tila Tequila lied about owning a house that she rented & got evicted from. 02/06/10
22 Tila Tequila lied about a miscarriage to land a photoshoot gig.  02/16/10
23 Tila Tequila lied about her deseased fiancé being alive. 01/04/10
24 Tila Tequila lied about being bisexual. 01/10/20
25 Tila Tequila lied about Jasmine Lennard being a prostitute. 01/07/10
26 Tila Tequila lied about Thomas Paxton Whitaker not paying child support. 11/11/20
27 Tila Tequila lied about the identity of the father of her third (?) alleged pregnancy.
  1. 01/26/10
  2. 01/27/10
  3. 01/29/10
  4. 01/30/10
28 Tila Tequila lied about being pregnant… AGAIN.
  1. 01/25/10
  2. 01/30/10
29 Tila Tequila lied about not having lost the court case(s) regarding Sean Merriman. 01/29/10
30 Tila Tequila lied about having a creating a blog which only promotes and helps people. 01/14/10
31 Tila Tequila lied about being pregnant… again. 01/06/10
32 Tila Tequila lied about being a pioneer regarding lesbianism / bisexuality and Katy Perry and Ellen Degeneres followed her footsteps.  04/16/10
33 Tila Tequila lied about different people stalking and threatening her.  07/27/10
34 Tila Tequila lied about going on vacation with her “best friend Emilia” from Sweden.  08/04/10
35 Tila Tequila lied about an adult movie of hers being stolen and published against her will when it was a professional movie with professional actors which she got paid upfront. 02/01/11
36 Tila Tequila lied about paintings she never painted herself. 08/08/12
37 Tila Tequila lied about her hair and lips being natural. 11/20/12
38 When she overdosed on drugs Tila Tequila lied about having an anyeurism. 11/08/18 (video timestamp: 14:05)

Did we miss something?

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2 thoughts on “The lies of Tila Tequila

  1. This list is great. I’ve watched her desperation increase over the years and it really is sad how she’s now at her wit’s end in figuring out how to get attention — the only thing that gives her worth as a person. I’m not saying this in a derogatory way, I mean that this is what she’s created for herself by never finding enough self-love and self-worth to allow her to stand on her own without making up increasingly ridiculous lies just to validate her existence in the world.

    She is so jealous of people who are getting public validation, and that’s why she keeps tearing others down and trying to get attention in any way possible. She half wants people to believe that she’s mentally ill and thus she’s “special” and forgivable (but also should be given lots of attention), and she half wants people to believe that she’s something unbelievably special so she can rise up and feel powerful again — of course through outside means, not her own. Basically she feels super powerless and that’s why she acts out in attempt to cover it up. It’s so obvious.

    Narcissism stems from fear and shame, and she is brimming with it.
    Truly happy, secure, confident, powerful people are the opposite of her. They’re too busy doing and working on their own lives than spending so much time and energy over trying to get other people to think a certain way about them. And most significantly — truly happy, confident, powerful people don’t care what others think…AND they’re genuinely nice people. (And aren’t having to flaunt or prove their niceness. They just are.)

    I don’t believe that she’s mentally ill. It’s just a cover-up for her desperation. She’s just someone who has never learned to find worth within herself on her own. She is full of anger, shame, and fear about this, and keeps covering it up by making up stories and pointing fingers at others. Nothing’s special about her. The only reason why she’s still gets some press is because she’s a cautionary tale and a sad self-driven train-wreck that isn’t fooling anyone except other desperate, shame/fear-filled people like herself, who feel empty and worthless unless someone or something comes along and gives them a temporary existential pat on the head.

    1. Hello Le B,

      thank you very much for reading my blog and for your comment! I love to see you engaging with the content and some of your thoughts I had too; I agree that Thien (in my opinion) hasn’t found enough self-love and self-worth yet and I think that is sad. No matter, what else a person does or is – it is sad to not live up to one’s full potential.

      I’d love to see her thrive and her creativity used for art, may it be pictures, music, writing or video material that doesn’t contain content that is harmful for others.

      In my opinion THAT would get her more attention (the right attention!) and lead her to herself.

      I appreciate your time and thoughts!

      Best wishes!

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