Thomas Paxton Whitaker is moving to Houston

Thomas Paxton Whitaker with collegue
Thomas Paxton Whitaker with collegue


Thomas Paxton Whitaker, who resides near Atlanta, Georgia, told me that he was looking for a House in Houston, Texas, and that he wants to move there to be able to see his six-year-old daughter he has with reality TV-Star Tila Tequila as often as he can.

The Court Battles Shall End

After years of court battles regarding the custody and alimony both parents, who have had an on-and-off-relationship during the past years agreed upon it being the best that their daughter had both of their parents in her life.

For the sake of their daughter they finally agreed upon working together and look over the difficulties with the relationship they both had in the past.

If you know a suitable house for sale for a small family in Houston, Thomas would be happy to hear from you.


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