Tila Tequila lied about being a liar

Screenshot: (c) Tila Tequila 2020
Screenshot: (c) Tila Tequila 2020


In 2019 Tila Tequila sent me an email that startet with a lie.

Tila told me in her email:

“I don’t lie about anything I say.”


This was actually the first sentence.

Not a „hi Kristina“ or „good morning“.

It started right away with this sentence.


This grown up woman entered a conversation with someone who is 7 years younger than her with a lie. A lie about herself to allegedly make her appear better than she actually is.


Here are about 40 more lies of Tila Tequila.

Screenshot: Tila Tequila allegedly telling people that someone molested her toddler daughter
Screenshot: (c) Tila Tequila 2020

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