Tila Tequila lied about going on a 30 day fast and having lost 10 pounds

screenshot: Tila Tequila abandoned another project after three days
screenshot: weird stuff on Tila Tequila’s Youtube Channel

On February 18th 2021 the narcissistic pathological liar Tila Tequila aka Tornado Thien claimed to go on a fast of 30 days.

As Christians we first thought that she would indeed chose to live ascetically for a period of time to come God nearer and / or do something for her health but when we watched the video it was clear quite immediately that the title was clickbait for attention again and to make herself look better than she actually is.

Changing and especially restricting your diet is very hard to do and it should’ve been clear from the beginning that she wasn’t serious with this project again as she wasn’t with all the other hundreds of projects and announcements she started and made before.

The words of a narcissist hardly have any credibility, especially when they are about themselves.

DAY 1: January 18th 2021

In the video she shows off her figure (perfectly fine btw even though she gained weight after being unemployed for a few years now) but she even uses this short video to „show off“ and claiming that her „before“ shot is what other people have as an „afterwards“ body. This indicates that she did start this „fast“ to lose weight.

This would not be a problem and as bizarre when she hadn’t spoken hatefully about lots of „fat people“ (her words!) like Nikki Tutorials, etc. in the past. Tila Tequila mocked people for their looks and weight (gain). It seems like Tila Tequila became what she desperately hated in other people. Lol.

The „fast“ isn’t even a fast because she announced to „only“ eat broccoli, rice, chicken, spices, etc. Lmao…

The video for day 1 is called „I’M GOING ON A DIET/FAST FOR 30 DAYS STARTING TODAY: JAN. 18TH! 💪“ and you can watch it here:

DAY 3: January 20th 2021

Three days after the start of the „fast“ she announced that she added pho to the foods she wants to consume during her „fast“ and that means that she added soup / stock, spices, ginger, sternanis, beef, soy sauce, etc. Lol… What a hard, hard „fast“.

You can already see how her big announcement is starting to crumble already after three days. The video for day 3 is called „I’M ADDING CHICKEN PHO TO MY 30 DAY DIET/FAST! 🍲“ and you can watch it here:

Then, after day 3 of the „fast“ (lmao…) happened what always happens when Tila Tequila aka Tornado Thien announces a new project: She doesn’t stick to her promises and she abandones it.. For the next 26 days there are no more videos about fasting, diet or adding anything to her diet again:

screenshot: Tila Tequila abandoned another project after three days
screenshot: Tila Tequila abandoned another project after only three days

DAY 30: February 18th 2021

Tila is „showing off“ her body again in the video, claiming she must have lost 10 pounds and thanks Jesus for it. 🙄

She obviously hasn’t lost any weight during the last 30 days of „fasting“, maybe she even gained weight (again: she looks perfectly fine but lies through her teeth again to appear having accomplished something great which she acutally didn’t!):

With this post we can add another lie to the list of the lies of Tila Tequila which were brought up by her to appear better, smarter and / or more disciplined than she actually is. Just to gain attention and views. She disabled the comment section under every one of her „fasting“ videos. We wonder why…

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