Tila Tequila lied about her ex-boyfriend touching her daughter inappropriately

(c) Tila Tequila 2020


A week ago I received another message from Tila Tequila where she sent me the link to a video in which she accused the father of her first born child of molesting her youngest daughter (from another man):


Another day, another lie of Tila Tequila…

„I pray this email finds you well. I just wanted to update you regarding [name censored]. Feel free to blog about this also! God bless!“

Screenshot: Tila Tequila's Messages
Screenshot: Tila Tequila’s Messages

I watched the video and I think this is another bizarre lie of Tila Tequila.

She wanted me to spread the video „Feel free to blog about this also!“ after I posted her bizarre mail on her behalf about she having been in a coma in May this year.

Not that I literally have posted a LIST OF 39 LIES of Tila Tequila which this narcissist and sadist has put online since the beginning of the internet but I also have common sense.

The video is still online and today, one week after uploading, has been viewed by 1.253 people:

Reasons why I think that Tila Tequila lied again:

FIRST // I know the person she accused personally.

I’ve had hour-long-conversations with him over years, I have been in contact with his children and I have them on social media and I don’t see him being able to have done that.

I know that this is a weak argument, probably the weakest, since child molesters and abusers often appear „normal“ or are even well recognized and in higher professional positions, may it be a teacher, a politician or priest. But it’s my opinion AND:

I have more arguments:

SECOND // I know Tila Tequila and studied her behaviour and online presence for years.

First I – as a certified social media manager by the German chamber of commerce of Munich – was impressed of how she was able to put herself out there and even became a millionaire with creating an approachable online-personality on mainly social media.

THEN I noticed patterns, obviously read also negative comments and articles, also read articles about how she wrongly accused people of cruel things and a lot of psychological problems such as her own parents put her in psychatric ward, videos where she cut her arms open and suffering from major health problems.

This is not normal, nor is it positive. It’s the bizarre result of a highly narcissistic, impulsive and evil person. And yes, I believe, she would make up even a wrong accusation of her own child being molested just to get attention and satisfaction of harming others.

Maybe she even picked the youngest one BECAUSE she can’t talk yet.

She therefore could never talk about that nothing ever happened either.

THIRD // The title

It’s often telling HOW people explain situations and I feel that this video is just another evil action to have it her way and get more of the attention she desperately wants. Triggering sympathy with the Münchhausen syndrome, … why not? If your toddler daughter really was touched inappropriately by a man then WHY do YOU title the statement YOU make about it „CONFESSION“?

Screenshot: Tila Tequila makes a "CONFESSION"
Screenshot: (c) Tila Tequila makes a „CONFESSION“

A confession would be if someone tells that THEY have touched someone inappropriately but not if YOU, as a third party, tell someone.

And there’s also nothing in the video that explains why she chose this unsuitable title…

A title like „DANGER: […]“ or „BEWARE OF [name of the person, …] would be way more suitable for the claims she makes in her 4:27 minute long video and the anger, helplessness and fright a mother would feel who is truly worried about her daughter’s safety.

What she did regarding the title doesn’t make sense to me. I often noticed in my workplaces and in private conflicts as well that liars would use „weird“ vocabulary and orders to tell their lies to try to pass them as the truth and this would be a premium example.

As an evil narcissist Thien (Tila Tequila’s birth name which she also lied about) actually really makes a confession by exposing HERSELF lying again.

Maybe that. But otherwise it makes no sense.

FOURTH // Her face expressions and Voice

This googly-eye-expression, screenshot taken at only minute 00:05 of the video linked above, is not an expression of a mother who tells the whole world that her toddler daughter really has been molested by a man. Maybe it is in Tila-Verse, where also imaginary warrants, pregnancies and court decisions exist, but not in reality.

That’s how I look when the dishwasher doesn’t work like it should the third time in a week but not when I tell the whole world that my daughter has been touched inappropriately:

Screenshot: Tila Tequila telling people that allegedly someone molested her toddler daughter, minute 00:05 of her "CONFESSION"
Screenshot: (c) Tila Tequila telling people that allegedly someone molested her toddler daughter, minute 00:05 of her „CONFESSION“

Also her voice is very calm, very unusual for her since she livestreamed even manic episodes of herself online, but not in a way that says: she spent a lot of time on reflection and now it’s time to tell and warn everyone what terrible things have happened in the past.

No. Just no.

FIFTH // The Time She Put The Video Up

The video was put up almost four months after the man stayed at her house but she is usually very quick with multiple videos per day when it comes to tell people who dangerous / stupid / evil / etc. people are in her opinion.

And now it took her four months to process that and put it out there?

As a person who proudly claimed in multiple videos that she doesn’t work, has all the time and „God provides everything“ for her?

That doesn’t make sense.

Not even in Tila-Tequila-Universe.

SIXTH // Other Claims She Makes / possible Motives She Reveales

Minute 00:17 of the video:

The lord has just reminded me how, you know, when what’s-his-face [name of her first born daughter’s father aka the alleged abuser], when he has attacked me with all his cronies, all his little satanic agents, they little minions, they all were gathered together and said that I was a bad mother and he was, like, this great guy…

Oh… So… „The lord“ has reminded her? Or was it something that she just can’t accept? Like… That there are actually people that don’t think she is „God“ and „an angel“ like she claimed in multiple videos? That people remember all the nasty and evil things she did? That the person did who she is accusing in the video?

Is it the wish to take revenge?

On the man who once again left her disturbed instead of moving in? Or on the „little satanic agents“ that teamed up with him?

On the man who actually is a good father and who has actually adult daughters that are proof of this?

Or is it the simple method that narcissists use when they fear being exposed of who they are? A bad mother? A multiple times evicted mother? A mother that has been put in psychatric ward by her own parents? A mother who is broke and too lazy to work? A mother who is in touch with the CPS against her will since the first child was born? A mother who streams manic episodes online and threatens her daughters to hurt them?

Mirroring this by accusing another person of all the things she is?

Maybe that’s it? Revenge, mirroring and refusing to work on themselves?

Minute 3:43 of the video.

I actually told Drake [mentally handicapped father of the girl who allegedly was molested by the father of her other daughter] about this because xy is Drake’s daughter.

Ah. So, this is to prevent Father 1 and Father 2 from uniting against Tila Tequila? Her biggest fear? The ONLY way that both daughters are being saved from her sadistic, narcissist and evil mother who lives in a house full of dirt and mold from government money?

Understandable motive for false claims about child molestation for an impulsive liar like Tila Tequila…

SEVENTH // Untypical Behaviour

Minute 1:24 of the video:

I was so terrified because, uh, this is hard for me because… uh, I was… That happened to me.

Yes, and? Is this video now all about her again? Does she really need to enter a video with a shocking claim to get attention and then switch on to talking about herself again? She does…

Why does she look away when she tells this but not in shame but in disbelief of what she just said? Is there a little bit of conscience in her that is rebelling in her and wants her to do the right thing and NOT slander another victim again?

Why was Thien terrified? Because it happened to her? Really?

Where’s the police report then? She claimed multiple times in previous videos that she hat multiple „police boyfriends“ and they were not contacted by her when her own toddler daughter allegedly was molested?

Was CPS contacted?


Why not?

She’s a pattern of mirroring what has been done to her. She screamed in previous videos that her baby’s father will go to prison for not paying child support (which is untrue because he pays and you cannot go to prison with the minor amount of money he was behind). If she now really had a case which she could state the police to have him arrested – why wouldn’t she do this?

This would be the utmost satisfaction for her.

Why not starting a formal criminal case and putting him to jail finally?

Doesn’t make sense…

The picture is a screenshot from Tila Tequila's video "Screenshot: (c) Tila Tequila's manic rant (THIS IS THE REASON WHY THE PLAGUES CAME!!! I FOUND IT!)" which shows her with wide opened mouth
Screenshot: (c) Tila Tequila’s manic rant (THIS IS THE REASON WHY THE PLAGUES CAME!!! I FOUND IT!)

EIGHT // The Narcissist in her shines through

That all of this is another sick game of her becomes very clear when you watch her video posted above from minute 3:12:

The wannabe-actress kicks in, the drama-loving-narcissist becomes visible. Can you believe that this, what comes after that timestamp, is part of a video of a mother telling the world how her daughter was touched inappropriately?

This is all a joke for her and she knows she’s not going to take responsible for that. Not like she ever did that.

It reminds me of Tila Tequila’s bizarre behaviour when she was interviewed by journalists two days after her fiancé’s death:

Even the Hollywood press titled it „bizarre behaviour“.


As I’ve worked in the social field, as an assistant of criminal lawyers and a journalist that has reported on actual court hearings I have experience with victims and predators.

I’ve been in touch with both of the sides, may it be a mother who fled to a women’s shelter with her (also raped) daughters, may it be talking regularly to a convicted pedophile in preventive detention, may it be working at files in the law office regarding accusations of possession of child pornography or even witnessing a reconsideration case at court regarding molestation of non-adults. In investigative journalism / being an assistant to a detective also a 84-page-script is in use that describes illnesses like narcissistic personality disorders, psychopathy, sadism, masochism, etc. and is completed by conversations with rapists, sadists and psychopaths such as Meinrad Kopp from Switzerland.

I’ve seen and read all.

As an empath I’ve felt into every single participant of these cases; the victims, the families of them, the criminals, the police, the social workers, the lawyers.

In conclusion: To me the video of Tila Tequila stating that a specific man allegedly molested her daughter is another bizarre narcissist video and the claims are not true.

If something ever really happens to her daughters the chances are now smaller that anyone will believe them or their mother.

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