Tila Tequila lied about using thousands of dollars of donations to create a Gospel Album

(c) Tila Tequila 2020


On March 22nd, 2019, Tila Tequila aka Tornado Thien created a campaign on GoFundMe with the goal to receive $ 30,000 in donations to create a gospel album.

No Album After One Year

There’s not a single update on the progress of the recording, a playlist or any released single of the promised gospel album. The campaign is still online and has so far achieved § 3,220 of its § 30,000 goal: I would like to record a gospel album

The last update on this campaign was six days after creating the campaign, on March 28th, 2019:

Tila Tequila’s campaign for recording a gospel album

In the first video she linked she tries to sing one line of a song to a playback. She doesn’t hit a single right note, the video is rated more worse than good and comments are disabled.

It’s not clear how at this stage of musical skill a whole gospel album should be recorded?

The second linked video is a cover version she put online in 2008.

Pretending to be Christian for views?

When Child Protective Service questioned Tila Tequila about her maniac, hateful rants on Youtube, in which she also claims to be God(’s wife), Tila always answered that she was „trolling Christians“ for views.

Her Youtube Channel description now says that all her (mostly Christianity related) content is satirical content for comedy:

Channel Descripton of Tila Tequila’s Youtube Channel (March 21st, 2020)

There will not be a Gospel Album

It’s obvious that Tila Tequila will not deliver a Gospel Album anytime soon and since the former Hollywood starlet millionaire got evicted twice in 2019 it’s more likely that she used the donations to pay her bills instead.

Tila is also said to have asked for donations to her charity „Jayden’s Angels“ which – how people later found out – never existed:

Jayden’s Angels didn’t exist 1

Jayden’s Angels didn’t exist 2

If you donated to this campaign you can contact the authorities for fraudulent behaviour and report the campaign to GoFundMe here: File a report and claim your money back

Tila Tequila says herself that she has many mental illnesses and there is a well documented pattern of narcissistic behaviour and pathological lying. You might want to double check if donating your money to Tila Tequila is the right thing to do.

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