Tila Tequila sent me an email in May 2020

Email of Tila Tequila in May 2020
Email of Tila Tequila in May 2020

Tila Tequila, the mother of my friend Thomas‚ youngest child, recently sent me an email out of nowhere and suggests posting it on this blog. It’s a reply to a request for a comment on the article about her public false claims that Thomas Paxton Whitaker wasn’t paying child support from 2019.

Comment in advance on her Email

I won’t comment on that email (for now) since you all know what my opinion is on narcissistic and sadistic psychopaths and how they behave if they can’t catch up with their lies. Thomas and Thien made a step torwards each other and I respect their will to work on their relationship. The well-being of their daughter is the most important aspect.

You can of course have your own opinion after reading her mail:

Email from Thien Nguyen aka Tila Tequila

Hello Kristina,

It’s me, Thien and not Lucifer. Anyway, now that I have fought off all the demons to help save all of my friends and family I wanted to write you again to clear things up.

I don’t know what’s been going on in the past because it’s all bee a whirlwind. I am just now waking up from my coma. As you, and everyone else knows, I had a terrible brain anyeurism back in 2012 and ever since that accident my brain keeps going in a loop.  Sometimes I will wake up from this coma and remember things and this is the person I truly am. Not the evil person. That Lucifer only comes out when I fall back asleep due to my brain abnormality. I often have short term memory loss. It is a very sad thing but praise the Lord for finally healing me because he has seen how hard I’ve been trying to fight off all of these demons that surrounded me all of these years!

So again, I don’t remember much but all I wanted to say to everyone is that I am very sorry for any pain I may have caused. But this was also not my fault due to my brain injury that causes me to go in circles. But I am healed now thanks to Jesus. I have awoken from my 8 years in a coma!

As for Thomas, I have offered to help him pay off any back end child support that he owes me. I am a TRUE child of God and that will be proven through my actions so that this time everyone will know it’s really me and not Lucifer posing as me.

I don’t plan to boast or tell anyone that I’m doing to help him pay off his debts, but I wanted you to know the truth behind all of the lies and what’s been happening to me all of these years. There’s been enough suffering and all have been at fault at one point or another, but now is the time for forgiveness and all to be healed.

I forgive all of you who have hurt me and wished my children and I harm, and I ask that you all forgive me as well for any pain and suffering I may have caused you knowingly or unknowingly. I pray the Lord will show mercy and forgive us all so that we may all inherit the promises of God! I’ll be praying for all of you always, and if you need anything from me please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks for your time.

And of the record, if you want to post this on your blog to let everyone know what I have to say then please do so the record is cleared for once and for all. Thank you and God bless you!

Thien Nguyen

Email of Tila Tequila in May 2020
Email of Tila Tequila in May 2020

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2 thoughts on “Tila Tequila sent me an email in May 2020

  1. Hatte sie nicht in einem video gesagt, dass sie das mit der Kopfverletzung nur erfunden hat, weil sie sich wegen einer Überdosis geschämt hat? smh

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