Tila Tequila aka Tornado Thien – Life, Career And Controversy

(c) Tila Tequila aka Tornado Thien

Tila Tequila, also known by her stage names Miss Tila and Tornado Thien, was born October 24th, 1981, and is an American entertainer.

Last update: December 14th, 2021

Tila Tequila, The „Queen“ Of Social Media

„There’s a million hot naked chicks on the Internet,“ she [Tila Tequila] says. „There’s a difference between those girls and me. Those chicks don’t talk back to you.“

An important part of Thien’s business strategy was to appear accessible and highly present, especially through social media.

Tila Tequila became famous in 2003 as the most popular person on myspace, which was one of the first and most popular social media platforms.

Nguyen joined Myspace in the fall of 2003 after getting booted off of Friendster multiple times. Time Magazine, in a 2006 profile of Nguyen noted her impact on the platform, stating „Pre-Tila, your MySpace friends were mostly people you actually knew. Post-Tila, the biggest game on the site became Who Has the Most Friends, period, whoever they might be.“ also calling her, the „Queen“ of the site.

Tila Tequila’s pseudonyms over the years

2003: Tila Tequila

2010: Miss Tila

2013: Hitila (as a tribute to Adolf Hitler)

2018: Tornado Thien (Thien is the first name her parents named her)

2019: Tornado Thien Wife of Christ (July)

2019: Mrs. Jesus Christ

2020: Tila Takillya aka Mrs. Jesus Christ

2020: Tila Win

2020: Tila Win Winning



Tila changed her name to "THE LORD YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS" in December 2020
Tila changed her name to „THE LORD YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS“ in December 2020

2021: Tila Win (February)

2021: Tila Win Christ (March)

2021: Thien Nguyen



2021: Yeshua Hamashiach (Tila Tequila) (November)

2021: THE KING´S WIFE (Formerly Tila) (December)

Tila Tequila´s Name on Youtube in December 2021
Tila Tequila´s Name on Youtube in December 2021

Tila Tequila, the failed Businesswoman

Throughout her life Tila Tequila started numerous projects in various working fields but never seemed to keep it up; since as of January 2020 the former multi-millionaire tv- and internet-star lives in section 8-housing, sometimes even with her parents, off of food stamps and stated multiple times in her Youtube videos, that she doesn’t need to work because „God will pay for everything“.

She can be considered an overall failed „businesswoman“ or „mogul“ as she wanted to market herself a few years ago.

Listed below are some of her projects (This article is regularly updated.).

Tila Tequila As A Model

This picture shows Tila Tequila back then as a beach model
Tila Tequila as a beach model (c) Tila Tequila

Of Vietnamese origin, born in Singapore and raised in Houston, Thien moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue her modeling career.

At the age of 19 Tila Tequila was discovered by a playboy scout in the Sharpstown shopping mall and was asked to model for the magazine. She was featured in numerous men’s magazines, also including Stuff und Maxim.

Thien is not active as a model anymore even though the father of her first child, Thomas Paxton Whitaker, claimed in a podcast that he was told Tila actively seeks sponsorships, etc.

Tila Tequila on TV and in Movies

In 2003 Thien Nguyen made her reality television debut on the VH1 show „Surviving Nugent“.

In 2007 and 2008 Tila Tequila had her own two reality shows called „A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila“ where she searched for a partner. It made headlines when she announced that she was bisexual and then looked for her partner among men and women.

During these times being lesbian or bisexual wasn’t as tolerated as it is in 2020 which might contributed to the major success of the two seasons.

Shot at Love with Tila Tequila airing on MTV pictured: Tila Tequila with contestants cr: courtesy MTV
Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, airing on MTV, pictured: Tila Tequila with contestants, cr: courtesy MTV

In her twenties and thirties Tequila took part in two adult movies and had short appearances in different movies and videos as listed below:

  • Surviving Nugent (2003)
  • THS Investigates: Online Nightmares (2006)
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007)
  • Tila Tequila’s New Year’s Eve Masquerade 2008 (2008)
  • MTV Spring Break: Tila Tequila’s Spring Break Fantasy Couple (2008)
  • $#*! My Dad Says (Episode „Ed Goes to Court“, as „Ting-Ting“ (2011)
  • Icon News (Season 1, Episode 14: „A Rising Icon“ (2011)
  • Tila Tequila Uncorked (2011) [adult movie]
  • Entertainment Tonight (2012)
  • Masterminds (2013)
  • Tila Tequila Backdoored and Squirting (2014) [adult movie]
  • 24/7 (2016)

TilasHotSpot.com and MissTila.com

In July 2001 Nguyen started the website TilasHotSpot.com which later began redirecting to MissTila.com. Originally the site featured information, quotes, blog, and pictorials requiring adult verification and a monthly fee. Later the site was revamped to feature all-ages content and information to promote her career, business ventures, personal information, and a premium membership section including videos, non-nude picture galleries, blogs, and chat sessions. In 2008 the site was transformed into a social network. The site is down as of 2020.

Tila Tequila’s Fashion Line sold via TilaFashion.com

During 2005 Nguyen launched TilaFashion.com, a site featuring her custom line of clothing for men and women. The site is down as of 2020.

Tila Tequila selling content on TilaZone.com

In 2006, Nguyen created another website, TilaZone.com, which featured content to use on Myspace and other social networking websites including layoutswidgets, and clipart. The site is down as of 2020.

Tila Tequila’s Dating Website TilasHotSpotDating.com

In December 2009 Nguyen partnered with Joe Francis to launch the now-defunct dating website TilasHotSpotDating.com, aimed at people ages 18 and up. The site included a free membership with basic access, and paid membership for other areas of the site. Nguyen took in webcam chats on the site. The site is down as of 2020.

Tila Tequila’s Celebrity Blog MissTilaOMG.com

In 2010, Nguyen launched a celebrity blog site, MissTilaOMG.com, which was transformed into her personal blog in 2012; the following video was the introduction for MissTilaOMG.com:

The site never really was established and is down as of 2013.

Tila Tequila selling artwork as „Tornado Thien“

As of 2018, Nguyen sells artwork online under the name of Tornado Thien.*

Since 2018 she regularly posts videos on her YouTube channel which often are rated more negative than positive which led to a decrease of subscribers by approximately 2,000 from 139,000 subscribers in 2018 to 137.000 subscribers as of January 2020.

A current analyzation of her YouTube channel can be found on Socialblade.com: Analyzation Thien’s Youtube Channel

Tila Tequila as a Musician

Nguyen was a singer in a band, released two albums and many singles such as „Paralyze“:

Tila Tequila’s Online Presence

Tila Tequila aka Tornado Thien 2020
Tila Tequila aka Tornado Thien 2020


A few years ago Tila Tequila was listed as one of the most active and most mentioned people on Twitter with more than 100 tweets per day.




Tila Tequila: On and Off

Tila Tequila’s accounts on social media have been suspended, hacked and deleted over and over.

Tila Tequila had popular profiles on social media; Her last profile on twitter got banned because Tila Tequila showed sympathy for Adolf Hitler. She deleted her Facebook page with over 2 million fans in 2018 herself to focus more on her Instagram account @TornadoThien which got hacked in September 2018 and is no more accessible to her (according to her).

Tila Tequia’s Twitter

After Tila Tequila was suspended a few years ago she’s now returned back to Twitter as @AngelTilaLove. Around 200 Tweets and 10k followers.

    • No known private account as of January 21st 2020
    • A fanmade account that retweets Tila-related content: @TilaTequilacom, 24 k followers [inactive as of Sept 9th 2018]

There is no „Tila Army“ anymore

The „Tila Army of 2015“ with 59 tweets and 84 follower: @TilaArmy2015 [deleted]
The fan account @TilaTequila1981 currently has 254 Tweets and 3.5 k followers [inactive]
Earlier in her career, when Tila Tequila was relevant, she had her fans come together as „Tila Army“ in social media accounts or on myspace pages. Since not even her fans really support her anymore because of her lies, homophobia, racism, transphobia and overall primitive hate speech there is no „Tila Army“ anymore.

Tila Tequila’s Youtube

Tila Tequila TornadoThien Tila Tequila aka Mrs Jesus Christ I AM NEW JERUSALEM 131 k 127 k 125 k (November 2020)

THE KING´S WIFE 0.8 k subscribers (December 2021)

Tila Tequila’s Homepage

TilaTequila.com, down as of 2nd April 2017

TornadoThien.com, down as of 9th September 2018

Tila Tequila’s Facebook

The page of IAmMissTila, 2.2 million followers [deleted]

Tila Tequila’s Myspace


Tila Tequila’s Etsy Shop

In June 2016 Tila announced that she wants to sell paintings at Tila’s Art Spot [deleted]

Tila Tequila’s Instagram

TornadoThien with 3.3 k followers as of 9th September 2018 [hacked / inactive]

Private Life


Tila claims to be god on her Youtube channel and still doesn´t seem to work.


In 2020 Tila Tequila has checked into section 8 housing in Houston, Texas, after having been evicted multiple times, having no job for years and for having lost all of the millions she earned in Hollywood in the 00-years.


Because of her bad credit her parents, who had brought her into mental ward in 2019, had to co-sign even that section 8-housing-contract for her. With her also live her two daughters from two different fathers who don’t want to have to do anything with Thien anymore.

Thien claims to not work because „God pays everything“. „God pays everything“ has been the euphemism for Thien for every time people on the internet found something out about her being bankrupt and can’t even afford paying for her own.


Nguyen gave birth to her second daughter in 2018. The father is Drake Looschen, a worker from Florida.


Nguyen gave birth to her first child, a girl, in 2014. The father is Thomas Paxton Whitaker, a music producer from Georgia. They separated after an on-off-relationship and in 2019 they are still in a court battle over child support and custody.

Controversy regarding Tila Tequila

In August 2015 Tila was rebooted of Celebrity Big Brother UK after one day of appearing at the show because of her „racist past“. In 2013 she posted on her social media, that she didn’t understand why Adolf Hitler was pictured as a monster after his death and referred to herself as „Hitila“.

In 2007 Nguyen took part in a reality show called „A Shot At Love“ where she tried to find a partner among men and women. In 2018 she says that homo- or bisexuality is evil and refers to homo- or bisexual people as „degenerates“.

There are several blogs that point out Tila’s contradicting and harmful behavior such as TilaTruth.Blogpost.com.

On Youtube Tila Tequila posted hatespeech and even death wishes and death threats towards minorities (e. g. gay people), individuals (e. g. Thomas Paxton Whitaker, the father of her first born daughter) and certain ethnicities (e. g. black people, Hispanic people).

Tila Tequila’s Lawsuits

In 2010 Tila Tequila lost a 2 million dollar lawsuit by ex-boyfriend Shawne Merriman by default. He claimed that she made attempts to ruin his career by slandering him.

In 2019 Thien settled a lawsuit with Thomas Paxton Whitaker regarding child support and visitation rights regarding their daughter who was born in 2014.

Since Tila Tequila never was in contempt with the mutual granted rights and actively thwarts Thomas visiting his daughter – Thomas drove multiple times to Thien’s house for 12 hours to visit their daughter and had to leave after Thien just screamed at him for ten minutes, for example – Thomas is saving up for a lawyer to take Thien to court over the topic again.

In Thomas‘ Opinion Thien is not fit to raise their daughter. (source: TMZ, SHE’S NOT FIT TO RAISE OUR DAUGHTER … Baby Daddy Claims, visited on January 31st, 2020)

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